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Types of Faculty Appointments [Operating Procedure]

There are three kinds of faculty appointments at Hendrix College: special appointments, probationary appointments, and appointments with continuous tenure.

Special Appointments 

Special appointments are of two kinds: ongoing and fixed term.

Ongoing special appointments are for full-time faculty who lack the terminal degree but whose appointments are of indefinite duration, or for administrative staff members whose positions entail regular teaching responsibilities and carries faculty rank, whether or not they have the terminal degree. They are evaluated as faculty according to the schedule appropriate to their rank, but their positions are not tenurable.

Special appointments for fixed terms are of limited duration or until the accomplishment of a specified objective, ordinarily to temporarily replace a regular faculty member. Special appointments for fixed term, including adjunct and visiting full-time faculty appointments, are neither probationary nor with continuous tenure. The appointee clearly understands the appointment terminates automatically and without further notice upon expiration of the fixed term.

Fixed term special appointments are normally limited to three years of full-time services. In extraordinary circumstances, such appointments may be extended annually for a total not to exceed six years.

If a special appointment is followed by a probationary appointment, the probationary appointment is normally regarded as having commenced at the time the special appointment commenced, unless other arrangements are negotiated at the time the nature of the appointment is changed.

Full-time special appointments lasting longer than two years are evaluated according to the same schedule as probationary appointments. Persons given special appointments may use College facilities and may participate in formal academic occasions such as convocations and commencement. While the voting privileges for the faculty meetings are specified at the beginning of this section under the definition of the faculty, all special appointment faculty are encouraged to attend faculty meetings.

Probationary Appointments 

A probationary appointment is for one year, or other such stated period, subject to renewal. The total period of full time service prior to the acquisition of continuous tenure will not exceed seven years, including credit for up to, but no more than, 3 years of prior full-time service at other institutions of higher education. The normal probationary period for a faculty member with no previous experience is six years, with time spent as a full-time instructor credited towards the probationary period. The credit for previous service is stated in the initial letter of appointment.

Where a new appointee has previously served another institution for more than three years, it may be agreed in writing that the total period of the probationary appointment at Hendrix College may be as long as four years, even though the appointee’s total probationary period in the academic profession is thereby extended beyond the normal seven years. Scholarly leaves of absence may count toward full-time service if both the individual and the College agree so, in writing, prior to the absence.

Non-renewal of Probationary Appointments (at the end of the appointment period). 

When a decision not to renew a probationary appointment has been reached, the faculty member involved is informed of that decision, in writing by the President or the President’s delegate, according to the following schedule:

  • not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service if the appointment expires at the end of that academic year; or if a one-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least three months in advance of its termination;
  • not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service if the appointment expires at the end of that academic year; or, if a one-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least six months in advance of its termination;
  • at least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years of service at the College.

The faculty member may request a reconsideration through the Faculty Grievance Procedure.

Appointments with Continuous Tenure

It is recognized by the Board of Trustees, the College administration, and the Faculty that the purpose of academic tenure is to engender freedom of teaching and research and of extramural activities, and also a sufficient degree of economic security to make faculty membership at Hendrix College attractive to men and women of ability.

When a faculty member is granted tenure, he or she is notified in writing. Upon receiving a tenure appointment, a faculty member shall have permanent and continuous tenure, which is defined as meaning that employment shall not be terminated or academic rank reduced except for adequate cause as described in the subsequent section “Termination of Appointment by the College.”

Instructors and Assistant Professors are granted tenure only in exceptional circumstances.

Appointments to administrative positions are without tenure. A member of the faculty with tenure who also holds an administrative position may be removed from the administrative position, but not from his or her faculty position, without reference to the principles of academic tenure.