Faculty Resources

Attendance and Inclement Weather Policy

Class Attendance

Faculty members should make clear to each class at the beginning of the term their specific requirements for class attendance. If repeated absences are impairing the academic effectiveness of any student, the professor should make this problem known to the student and contact the student’s advisor. If after such counsel attendance does not improve, the faculty member should report the matter to the Executive Director of Advising and Academic Success.

Students should regularly attend all classes for which they are enrolled. Absences typically are excused for observance of religious holidays, documented cases of illness or emergency, sanctioned school functions, or other appropriate exigent circumstances. Students must notify instructors of their circumstances in a timely manner.

A course instructor can drop from the roster any student who fails to attend the following number of class meetings before the deadline to add a course:

  • Two classes in a course meeting on a twice weekly schedule
  • Three classes in a course meeting three or more times per week.

At their professional discretion, course instructors may, by notifying the Registrar prior to the deadline for withdrawing from a course, remove from their courses any student whose unexcused absences over any three week period reach or exceed 50%. Instructors are not obliged to notify the student prior to taking this action. A student removed from a course under these circumstances is notified by the Office of the Registrar through the student’s Hendrix e-mail account. A student may appeal this action by contacting the Registrar within three business days of the drop notice date. The Registrar forwards the appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee for review and action.

Inclement Weather Policy

As a result of inclement weather, the College may alter its regular operations as follows:

  • Late opening/closing. Offices will operate at hours other than normal; classes will be held only within the announced time period for office operation.
  • Campus closed. Only essential administrative and staff personnel will be on campus. Offices will be closed and classes will be cancelled.