Faculty Resources

Professional Development

Professional development is essential to our growth as professionals and as educators. Our professional activities should reflect our joy in our chosen disciplines, inform our work with students, and ensure that the learning environment itself continues to grow. Faculty are encouraged to work with their department and Area c hairs to develop an appropriate plan for ongoing professional development. Given the importance of professional development to our effectiveness, we may reasonably expect some combination of the following activities of ourselves and of our colleagues throughout our time at the College:

  • participating in standard professional activities on a consistent basis, such as:
    • attending regional, national, or international professional meetings and symposia;
    • developing professional networks and visibility in appropriate professional and disciplinary circles; including office holders in professional organizations
    • participating in outreach activities designed to offer professional expertise beyond the campus (speaking engagements, reviewing, board memberships, educational outreach programs, sports camps, the judging of activities);
  • pursuing personal professional growth and productivity, especially in activities that enrich intellectual vitality and inform teaching. Examples of such activities would include these:
    • scholarly writing and paper or poster presentations at regional, national or international disciplinary meetings;
    • artistic creation and performance or visual art exhibitions;
    • intensive study and expansion into new disciplinary areas as evidenced by involvement with areas outside one’s discipline;
    • curriculum development
    • pedagogical development;
    • enhancement of capabilities in employing technology to support student, professional or community development; and
    • participation in workshops or seminars as related to pedagogy.

These shared expectations are undertaken to assure our continued growth, the betterment of our institution, and the affirmation that teaching and learning are central to our missions here.

Professional Activities

Dissemination of the professional works of the faculty is important to the public and communal understanding of who we are and what we do. Understandably, many faculty are reticent about publicizing their successes, but administrators need the information for recruiting, evaluation, development of sponsored programs, and promoting the College effectively to external constituencies. Faculty members are requested to report proposals, performances, shows, exhibitions, papers, grants, invited talks, and publications to the Office of Academic Affairs. Annually, faculty members should also provide the Office with an updated curriculum vitae.

Faculty members are requested to report any publication to their department chair, Area Chair, and the Provost. Copies of faculty publications should be made available for the faculty collection in the library.