Faculty Resources

Faculty Start-Up Funds

For any grant-related questions, please contact Grant Accountant Andrea Newsom in the Business Office: 450-4501 or newsom@hendrix.edu.

Faculty Start-Up Funds are approved by the Provost during the hiring process. Once approved, grant information will be sent to the Business Office for dispensing and reimbursement.


All Faculty Start-Up Funds must be fully expensed within 3 fiscal years of the award, starting June 1st of the year awarded. If all funds are not used, any remaining funds will be forfeited at the end of the third year.


As part of the Hendrix Operating Budget Projections process, Faculty Start-Up Funds must be budgeted for each year (up to 3 years). If additional money needs to be spent in a given year, the faculty member will be allowed to move up to 10% of the yearly budgeted amount from a future year’s budget. Any budget increase above 10% in a given year must be approved by the VP of Business & Finance. If a yearly budget is not fully expensed, the funds may rollover to the next fiscal year excluding the third and final year.

Expensing the Funds

Once yearly budgets are submitted to the Office of Business & Finance, account codes and a project code will be distributed to the faculty member. All payment requests should be submitted to and approved by the Grants Manager. Monthly statements will be provided showing remaining budget amounts.

Clearing Advances/Requesting Reimbursement for Faculty Start-Up Funds

Submitting Receipts Using a Travel Expense Summary Report or a Payment Request Form:

     A completed and signed Travel Expense Summary Report or a Payment Request form MUST be submitted with the original receipts. If the proper form does not accompany the receipts, the receipts will be returned.

     Travel Expense Summary Report and Payment Request form can be found in Appendix 8. These forms can also be downloaded on the Business Office website, or forwarded by the Business Office via e-mail attachment. The electronic versions include some formulas to simplify completion, and it is requested that these forms are filled out electronically.

     For ease of review, when completing the Travel Expense Summary report please number your receipts and enter the correlating number on the expense report. Like expenses can be combined. For example, if you have five bus tickets, feel free to number all of them the same number and enter them on the same line on the expense report. The mileage section is at the bottom left hand corner, with room for four round-trips. The total mileage per trip should be entered. The electronic version of the form will calculate the reimbursable amount automatically.

     Original receipts must be attached to the form. If the purchase was made online, please attach a print-off of the confirmation which includes the total price. If the expenditure will only show up on a credit card statement, we will need a copy of the statement. For those items that no receipts are available, reimbursement can only be made for up to $25 each. These policies concerning documentation are audit requirements.

     NOTE: All receipts submitted for Faculty Start-Up Funds should be submitted directly to the Grants Manager in the Business Office.