Faculty Resources

Level 1 (W1) Courses

The Level 1, or W1, courses serve as the gateway to the College’s writing requirement. As such, these courses are designed to “increase the student’s skill in writing expository prose,” by enabling the student to understand that “effective communication reflects coherent thinking and that both require clarity, precision, and forcefulness.”

Academic Policies for W1 Courses

To meet the Level 1 writing requirement a student must

  • receive a C or above in ENGL 110 Introduction to Academic Writing, or ENGL 210 Advanced Academic Writing at Hendrix; or
  • receive a grade of C or above in a course at Hendrix from the category Introduction to Literary Studies (These courses are identified by the code W1 in the most recent Schedule of Classes); or
  • receive a grade of C or above on a transfer student examination in written English administered by the Writing Center at Hendrix and certified by the English Department.

Each student must meet this requirement during the first or second year. Students may not use credits received from an Advanced Placement exam, an International Baccalaureate exam, or transfer courses to satisfy this requirement. Moreover, successful completion of the Level 1 writing examination does not satisfy the Literary Studies (LS) Learning Domain.

Completion of the Level 1 requirement is indicated on the student transcript.