Faculty Handbook 2022-2023

D.5. Policy on Formal Evaluation for Tenure [Operating Procedure]

Section 19 of the By-laws states that a recommendation to grant a Faculty member an appointment with continuous tenure must be based on a formal evaluation process. The Operating Procedure on Faculty Appointments sets forth some of the policies relating to tenure decisions; the policy statement here relates to the formal evaluation process.

At the time the President recommends any person for promotion and/or tenure, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees will have the following available to it:

  • a formal document stating that a committee of the Faculty has reviewed and evaluated the person's work and record and recommends the person be granted tenure and/or promotion;
  • a formal motion by the President recommending the granting of tenure and/or promotion to the individual;
  • evidence that the individual has undergone at least one formal evaluation while at Hendrix and that the individual has made or plans to make any changes identified as needed by that formal evaluation. The formal evaluation must consider the institutional needs as well as the individual’s plans;
  • a summary of the individual’s record demonstrating positive evidence that the person has fulfilled all criteria for tenure and/or promotion, and for tenure warrants a continuing contract;
  • a summary of the tenure statistics for the College, including a projection of possible or likely tenure decisions in at least the following two years; and,
  • a list of all those not being recommended for tenure and/or promotion, although they are eligible, the recommendations by the Committee on Faculty and by the Provost, and evidence that grievance procedures are available to those listed.

After the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees confirms promotion and/or tenure for a Faculty member, the President will notify the Faculty member in writing. After the Executive Committee confirms that a Faculty member will not receive tenure and/or promotion, the President will notify the Faculty member in writing and refer the Faculty member to the grievance policy in Section C.2.d. of this Handbook.