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Courses whose subject matter is multi-disciplinary and do not fit conveniently into existing academic disciplines or interdisciplinary programs may be listed as LBST.

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Liberal Studies Courses

LBST 101


Explorations: Liberal Arts for Life is a one-semester common course required of all entering students in their first semester at the College. Explorations is designed to foster an ongoing engagement with the liberal arts experience, to facilitate the transition of new students to the Hendrix community, and to enhance students' potential for success in their collegiate studies. The course meets once a week and carries one-quarter (.25) course credit. Areas of study in Explorations include higher education and the liberal arts, the aims and expectations of the College, engaged learning, academic and career explorations, and self-inquiry and personal development. Additionally, the seminar focuses on refining student knowledge, perspectives and skills requisite to successful academic work and integration into the Hendrix community. Each new student will be enrolled in both an Engaged Citizen and an Explorations section. Explorations may not be dropped. In each Explorations section, an upper-class peer assistant will be available to provide student perspective and assistance. Transfer and returning students who are exempt from The Engaged Citizen are also exempt from Explorations.

LBST 115

The American Way of Life

An examination of the American way of life designed to introduce international students to aspects of American culture (values, politics, education, culture, religion, etc.) and thus promote a more profound understanding of their host culture. Typically offered during the International Summer Institute. Open only to degree-seeking international students.

LBST 150

The Engaged Citizen

The Engaged Citizen is a one-semester course required of all first-year students entering Hendrix College. The theme of the "engaged citizen" combines the spirit of Hendrix's Odyssey Program with the College's stated purpose of "inspiring students to live lives of accomplishment, integrity, service, and joy." From philosophers and physicists to artists and anthropologists, we all approach questions about what it means to be involved in our communities, whether locally or globally, in different ways. This course seeks to illuminate the multiplicity of possible interpretations of engaging as a citizen through interdisciplinary team teaching, in which pairs of faculty from across the institution come together to form dyads and explore as sub-topic from different methodological "ways of knowing." The varying disciplinary and individual approaches to this theme are intended to provoke discussion and reflection on this topic both within the dyads and throughout the Hendrix community. The students divide their time equally between the two dyad professors over the course of the semester. The dyads can also meet periodically as a combined group if the professors deem it appropriate. The course includes an engaged learning component involving an introductory, hands-on activity that engages academic material in or outside the classroom and is tied to the content of the course.

LBST 211


This course examines the practice of screenwriting. Students will be taught the components of screenwriting, view a variety of films that are thought to contain good examples of writing, and read texts devoted to the construction of story. Throughout the course, students craft a script of their own. Prerequisite: one of the following courses: any ENGF or ENGL 200-level course, AFRI 358, ARTH 392, HIST 190, RELI 315, or TART 290.

one of the following courses: any ENGF or ENGL 200-level course, AFRI 358, ARTH 392, HIST 190, RELI 315, or TART 290.
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