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Wireless Internet at Hendrix


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Where can I access the wireless Internet at Hendrix?

Hendrix College has wireless network access throughout the campus. This network has been designed to provide coverage in all residence halls, all academic buildings, and most outdoor space on campus.

Wireless Internet at Hendrix is not available in the following locations:

  • Outside Hulen Hall
  • Northeast corner of campus

What devices does the Hendrix HelpDesk offer wireless network support for?

The HelpDesk offers wireless network support to student owned laptop and desktop computers, and all campus-owned technology.

With the introduction of the Hendrix Gaming wifi, previously unsupported devices can now be connected. Devices such as XBOX, PlayStation, Smart TVs, etc. are able to connect to this network. 

To connect to this network, contact your R.A. or the HelpDesk for the password.

NOTE 1: Hendrix utilizes Wi-Fi Protected Access - Enterprise (WPA-Enterprise or WPA-802.1x) security for our network. Devices without WPA-Enterprise as an option under their wireless settings do not have the necessary software to work on the Hendrix network. For a full list of Incompatible Wireless Devices click here. Please keep in mind that even the best encryption can be decrypted, so there is always a risk. The type of wireless network technology that we have in place helps reduce this possibility as the data is encrypted from your computer all the way to the wireless controller (not just the wireless access point as in some applications).

NOTE 2: To reduce the possibility of network interference, any wireless access points not owned and installed by Hendrix College are prohibited.

Wireless Access for Hendrix Students


Mobile Devices

Wireless Access for Faculty and Staff


Mobile Devices

Wireless Access for Guests

You should request a guest login from your event organizer or your department sponsor. They will submit a request to the HelpDesk. 

Their request must be completed 24 hours in advance, at a minimum, by completing a HelpDesk Service Request. The request must include the name of the visiting group or person, the starting date for the access, and the duration of the access. Please click here for more information.

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