Guide to Academic Planning 2018-2019

Hendrix Advising: Guide to Academic Planning

Welcome pre-registration (creating a draft schedule). So you've just started college and/or have your major picked out, and are a little bit lost on where to begin on this academic journey. You're definitely not alone! We've created this Guide to Academic Planning especially for you - to advise on where to start in the different majors. 
Each link on the right includes a description of the major and possibly a layout for a four-year program. 

Academic Resources
(also listed in Campus Web: left sidebar under “Academics”)

Schedule creation can be complicated. Here are some helpful resources to get started.


Remember pre-registration gives you a draft schedule – a chance to figure out what is offered and what you might like. You and your Academic Advisor (a Hendrix faculty member) will talk through your choices before anything is finalized.

The Guide to Academic Planning is exactly that – just a guide. It cannot cover the wide variety of student preparation and experiences. Please consult the individual Departments or your Academic Advisor for unique situations.

While Guide to Academic Planning and the Hendrix College Catalog cover similar material, the Catalog gives the official rules. Any discrepancy between the Guide and the Catalog will be resolved in favor of the rules in the Catalog.