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The course planning advice here is limited to completing this major which is just one piece of the overall Hendrix College degree requirements.  For a full description of degree requirements see the Catalog.

Course Planning pages provide advice for how to start and how to complete a major.  The major is only one part for a Hendrix College degree.  For a full picture of the curriculum and degree requirements, see this overview of the Academic Program and refer to the Catalog for the details. The Course Planning Pages and the Hendrix College Catalog cover similar material, but the Catalog gives the official rules. Any discrepancy between the Course Planning Pages and the Catalog will be resolved in favor of the Catalog.

The advice in the Course Planning pages is designed to assist students new to our community and during the first years of study.  No one resource can cover the wide variety of student preparation and experiences. Please consult the individual Departments or your Academic Advisor for your unique situation. Specifically, the Course Planning Pages give students advice on:

  • where to start in each major;
  • possible major layout across four-years (preferred); and
  • possible major layout across three-years. 

These course-planning pages should be used in conjunction with other academic resources including:

  • The Hendrix College Catalog  - this is your contract with the College on how to get a degree.  Heavy reading, but this is the place to check for the rules.
  • The Course Schedule   - this is a list of the courses offered this year. Notice you can sort by year, semester, department or learning domains. If you click on a course title, the official Catalog description pops up. The course pre-requisites are listed in the last line. [You must have completed the pre-requisites to enroll in a course.]
  • Odyssey Guide - This guide has all the information you need to participate in the Odyssey Program, including designing your own projects.


If these resources fail to answer your question, please email the Director of Advising, Dr. Liz Gron (