Catalog 2023-2024

C.5.c. International & Intercultural Studies

Hendrix College, through the Office of International Programs, the Committee on International/Intercultural Studies, and individual faculty members and departments, promotes and coordinates overseas study opportunities for Hendrix students. These groups also aid in the development of international educational programs and activities. The Committee is made up of students, faculty members, and members of the administrative staff. 

The Committee on International/Intercultural Studies must approve students for all study abroad programs. The Committee determines holistically if each applicant has the academic and personal maturity to participate in an abroad program. A typical application will consist of GPA, student affairs record, extracurricular activities, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Although the student's GPA and major GPA must both be 2.0 or greater, many Hendrix and external programs require at least a 2.75.  Additionally, students must complete the Level I writing requirement (W1) before studying abroad. Applications for all Hendrix programs are available from the Office of International Programs in early fall and spring semesters. 

The College sponsors student participation in many study abroad programs (for a listing, see the Office of International Programs). Additionally, other campus organizations arrange special foreign travel, study, and activity programs such as European tours by musical ensembles, service-learning trips organized by the Hendrix Miller Center, language and literature exploration by the Hendrix Murphy Foundation, and summer travel opportunities.

The College also encourages students during their junior years to explore postgraduate international study opportunities such as the Rhodes Scholarship Program, the Thomas J. Watson Fellowships, Fulbright Fellowships, and others. Dr. Dorian Stuber is the initial contact for information on these awards. 

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