Catalog 2016-2017

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Teaching Faculty

Faculty contacts: Gorvine and Schmidt


Major in Philosophy and Religious Studies

10 courses distributed as follows:

  •   no fewer than four courses in philosophy 
  •   2 must be chosen from 
              PHIL 285  Ancient Philosophy 
              PHIL 302  Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Philosophy 
              PHIL 306  Nineteenth Century Philosophy  
  •   No fewer than four courses in religious studies 
  •   PHIL/RELI 370  Philosophy of Religion  (may be counted towards the four courses in either philosophy or religious studies) 
  •   1 course from the following: 
              PHIL 487  Senior Major Seminar  
              PHIL 497  Senior Thesis  
              RELI 497  Senior Colloquium
  • At most 2 of the 10 courses may be at the 100-level


Senior Capstone Experience

Successful completion of PHIL 487 Senior Major Seminar or PHIL 497 Senior Thesis or RELI 497 Senior Colloquium.

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