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Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages offers a comprehensive program of study for students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in French, German, or Spanish. The Department also offers introductory courses in both Latin and Greek. Students may also choose to pursue an individualized major under the Interdisciplinary Studies plan, combining interests in other disciplines, such as business, political science, or fine arts, with their foreign language interests. The Department also works closely with the Department of Education to advise students wishing to obtain teacher certification in foreign languages.

Foreign language students and non-majors alike find at Hendrix numerous opportunities to enrich their language experience through supplemental or extracurricular activities. Students often take advantage of the foreign films that are shown on campus. Opportunities are readily available for students to study abroad for a semester or more. The department also sponsors conversation groups in which students gather informally for dinner or coffee to converse in their chosen languages.

The Foreign Languages Department offers a Total Immersion Program for its students through the Language House, a residential facility on the Hendrix campus. It serves as home to approximately ten students each year. The house alternates languages among French, German, and Spanish, with a native speaker of the language serving as house director. Within the house, residents speak the native tongue the majority of the time. Students at all levels of learning may participate in this program.

The department has numerous upper-level courses in literature and language that provide an opportunity for students to advance in the use of their languages and to develop a thorough understanding of the culture that each language reflects.

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