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Chris Spatz' Tales of Distributions

Basic Statistics: Tales of Distributions
8th edition)
by Chris Spatz

Corrections to the text and study guide
Errors seem to be  inevitable in textbooks.   However, I am very eager to find every one of them in both the text and the study guide and to post corrections. As an incentive for those of you who like to find and report errors, I pay $2.50 to the first person who reports an error in either the textbook or the study guide. I will also list your name and school. (Email me at The corrections found so far follow.

Textbook Corrections 
Study Guide Corrections

The web access to the chapter quizzes ("Choose Your Quiz") and the workshops ("Student Activities") has changed.
To access these on the web, go to  
Type Spatz in the search box.
Click on Go.
Click on the title of the textbook.
Click on Student Book Companion Site.
For "Choose your Quiz", click on Tutorial Quiz. Select a chapter. Click on Tutorial Quiz. Follow directions.
For the workshops, click on Workshops. Click on Stat Workshops. Click on the topic you want. The workshops are now revised and expanded.