Academic Affairs

International Relations & Global Studies

GlobalInterest in global affairs has mushroomed throughout society in recent years as persons have come to appreciate the importance and the impact of the interconnections among different nations and cultures. We truly live in a global village, and, as a result, more and more opportunities are becoming available for International Relations specialists in government, business, and academia.

Hendrix offers an innovative program in International Relations and Global Studies (IR/GS) designed to be interdisciplinary, intercultural, and multilingual. The program encourages global awareness by offering courses intended to impart to the student, among other things:

  1. an understanding of past patterns and events in international relations;
  2. knowledge of the influences which determine the foreign policy priorities of one’s country;
  3. a grounding in economics and international business operations and interests;
  4. clarity and accuracy in speaking and writing; and
  5. awareness and commitment to ethical standards and personal values.

In fulfilling these goals, the International Relations and Global Studies program draws teaching faculty from across the academic disciplines.

International Relations and Global Studies students participate in undergraduate research on topics that are of particular interest to them. Students conduct research projects one-on-one with members of the faculty, and many students present their research results to their peers at national symposia such as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

International Relations and Global Studies majors are encouraged to pursue academic experiences away from the Hendrix campus to augment their in-class education. They often participate in internships which combine on-site learning experiences with an academic component. Internship possibilities focusing on international relations include The Foreign Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., the British Parliament, and international companies with offices in the greater Little Rock area.

Under agreement with the American University in Washington, D.C., Hendrix participates in the Washington Semester Program. Students may spend the fall semester of their junior or senior year enrolled in course work at the American University. The program gives students opportunities to take advanced international relations/global studies courses and to observe the operations of the federal government and international agencies.

Hendrix strongly encourages IR/GS majors to take advantage of the College’s study abroad opportunities. The College coordinates the Hendrix-in-London, Hendrix-in-Oxford, and Hendrix-in-Austria programs. Hendrix also participates in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). Through this and similar programs, Hendrix students have studied in such countries as Japan, Spain, Malta, and France.