Academic Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hendrix College Choir

How big is the Hendrix Choir?
On average, the choir has about 30-40 members.  Some years it is bigger, some years it is smaller. 

How often does the Choir rehearse?
The Choir rehearses three days a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4:10-5:30.

How often does the Choir perform?
During the Fall semester the standard events are Family Weekend (late September), the Candlelight Carol Services (4 during the week after Thanksgiving), and the Candlelight Tour (2 days immediately following exams).

During the Spring semester, the choir performs two programs (one near spring break, and the other in late April). In some years, the Choir has also performed in the Spring as part of a consortium choir with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, the Choir performs at Commencement.

Are there other extra rehearsals or commitments?
There are two retreats: an overnight retreat on Petit Jean Mountain in September and a one-day retreat on campus in January.

Some performance projects involve an additional dress rehearsal or two in the evening. Such rehearsals are included in the syllabus.

What does the Choir wear for performances?
In the Fall, the Choir wears robes which are provided by the Music Department.  In the Spring, the women wear black dresses and the men wear tuxes. Choir members must purchase their own dresses and tuxes.

Do Choir members buy their own music?
No.  All the music is provided by the Music Department.

Do Choir members get academic credit for their participation?
Yes.  Students receive .25 credit for each semester of participation in the Choir.  Music majors can count 4 full credits towards graduation and non-major participant can count 2.  You do not have to pay extra tuition for these credits.  The grades will be averaged into your G.P.A. Grades are determined on the basis of attendance. You may also earn Odyssey credit and meet the Expressive Arts learning domain through participation in the Choir.

How can I join the Hendrix Choir?
Auditions are held during the first week of classes both semesters, and at the end of the Spring semester for early placement in the Choir for the following Fall. Auditions are advertised through Hendrix Today, Table Talk, and posters on campus. Contact Dr. Andrew Morgan (501-450-1248 or
What does an audition consist of?
Vocalizing, tonal memory, sight-reading, and singing My Country 'Tis of Thee.  For people who have no experience reading music, other exercises will be substituted. The whole process is kept low-key and informal.  You may even bring a friend to audition with you so that you do not have to sing completely by yourself!