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For big questions like "What kind of computer do I need?" "Office apps for free? Yay!" head on to the Student Technology Orientation article.

For smaller, weirder questions, welcome to the Student Technology FAQ.

Do I need to bring a printer?

No, you do not need to bring a printer. You can print to any of the lab printers on campus by using Hendrix Mobile Print. If you choose to bring a printer, you must connect it directly to your computer. Personal printers are not allowed to connect to the Hendrix network.

Can I install my own wireless access point? 

Nope, your wifi would mess up your neighbor's wifi and then they'd get a wireless access point, and it would mess up your wifi and their other neighbor's wifi... To reduce the possibility of network interference, any wireless access points not owned and installed by Hendrix College are prohibited.

Do folks around here say wireless or wifi?

Do you repair computers?

The HelpDesk does not offer repair services for personal computers (student or employee). We can help you initially diagnose problems and try to figure it out, but in the event that your system needs to be repaired, we will direct you to several companies in the area that provide support for your computer or device.

What are some basic things professors hope I'll know and be able to do?

What are the most common keyboard short cuts? 

  • Ctrl + Z to Undo
  • Ctrl + X to Cut
  • Ctrl + C to Copy
  • Ctrl + V to Paste
  • Ctrl + A to Select All (of something)

Remember to Click + Shift-Click to select all in a range and Ctrl + Click to deselect or add to selected items.


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