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Tips for capturing a hand drawn image


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Draw using thick, dark lines

Drawing using a marker with thick lines will make your image easier to see than using a pen or pencil would. Using dark colors on white paper will also help with the clarity of the image.

Use a scanner if possible

There are scanners for students located in the bailey library as well as the OTC, and faculty can use the Xerox machines to scan. The images below were hand drawn on graph paper and scanned.

When using a camera, make sure there is plenty of light

As light level decreases, captured images become harder to read. Having uneven light can also make the image harder to read.

Natural light is better than artificial light

White, natural light illuminates images more clearly than yellow, artificial light.

Make sure the camera is held steady and close to the subject

A moving camera will result in a blurry image. So will taking the picture from far away and zooming in on the subject.

When capturing a full 8.5x11 inch page

Following the above steps is especially important when trying to capture a full page. Another tip for capturing a full page is to ensure that the paper fills the frame. This can be done on a phone by taking a vertical picture close to the paper.

You can now convert this image to a PDF and/or an editable Word document, depending on your professor's file type requirements.

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