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Information about systems that support living on campus but are not directly tied to learning.



  • Cloud Storage
    Cloud storage refers to storing digital data on a remote server. Typically, you would save your file to your device's hard drive and access it through that device. With cloud storage, you can save a f...
    Last Modified: 7/19/2016
  • Campus Computer Labs and Printers

    All lab computers are connected to the Hendrix Network (Hnet), the statewide ARKnet, and to the Internet. The laser printers in the Bailey Snody Center and Mills Labs are available for 

    Last Modified: 7/19/2016
  • Computer Requirements
    Minimum and recommended computer requirements for using the Hendrix Network.
    Last Modified: 7/19/2016
  • How To Use OneDrive
    How to use your Hendrix-provided OneDrive.
    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • Creating A Personal Website for Staff and Faculty Members

    There are two options for setting up a web space for faculty and staff members: Set up your website in our content management system   Set up your website on our personal pages server   Please note...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • Accessing CampusWeb

    Campus Web is an important resource for members of the Hendrix community, so understanding how to access it is very important. Steps to accessing Campus Web   Log in to the Hendrix website using yo...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • A Guide to HelpDesk Support Questions
    A Guide to HelpDesk Support Questions Here are some useful HelpDesk questions that can help narrow down issues and assist with troubleshooting Where did the problem start? What were
    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • How To Share with Google Drive

    With Google Drive, you can share files — like documents, images, and PDFs — without having to email them as attachments. Sharing is as easy as indicating which email addresses or mailing lists shou...

    Last Modified: 5/18/2016
  • How To Use SurveyMonkey
    Hendrix has a license for SurveyMonkey that allows Hendrix faculty and staff (and students with faculty staff permission) to create surveys to send out. Please follow these instructions to have one cr...
    Last Modified: 5/18/2016
  • List of Services Provided
    Help Desk Media Center Adding devices to the Hendrix Wi FiPassword reset account unlock (call Help Desk if it has not unlocked within 15 minutes)PC Mac clean up, malware removal for Hendrix owned c...
    Last Modified: 4/25/2016