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Information about using the Hendrix Email system.


  • Disable Reply All, Forward, or Reply in an Outlook Email

    Last Modified: 5/19/2023
  • Add or Create an Outlook Profile
    1. When you open Outlook, you should get the Choose Profile window shown below. 2. If the Choose Profile window does not pop up, go to the top left corner and click “File”. 3. Click
    Last Modified: 5/11/2023
  • Add an Archived Data File to Outlook
    While on the Home tab Outlook Click the drop down arrow next to "New Items" Click "More Items" Then click "Outlook Data File" From that point browse out to where
    Last Modified: 5/9/2023
  • General E-Mail Guidelines

    What are general guidelines for using my E-mail properly? It is your responsibility to... Check E-mail daily and remain within your limited disk quota. Delete unwanted messages immediately since th...

    Last Modified: 5/9/2023
  • Forwarding Hendrix Email to An External Email Account
    To forward your Hendrix email to an external email account follow the steps below 1) in WebMail create a CONTACT for your external address 2) click on Options 3) click on Rules | New Rule | Creat...
    Last Modified: 5/9/2023
  • Forwarding Emails to Folders

    When using Internet Explorer web browser Step One Create a sub folder under Inbox that you wish the e mails to be directed to. Step Two Click “Options.” Select “Rules” Then select “New Rule.” Final...

    Last Modified: 5/9/2023
  • Enable the From Field and the BCC Field for Outlook
    This information applies to Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016There are times when you might need to send an email from an account that is different than your normal email account. To make the from field acc...
    Last Modified: 5/5/2023
  • Email phishing

    Internet or email phishing is a common online threat. To help protect yourself, it’s important to be aware of common phishing scams to prevent becoming a victim. What is email phishing? Email phish...

    Last Modified: 5/5/2023
  • College-Maintained Email Contact Groups

    There are a number of email distribution lists that are automatically created. Only certain groups of Hendrix users may email to these lists.     Faculty Staff Groups

    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Access Your Hendrix Email Account on the web

    Begin by going to the Hendrix College homepage, Next locate the 'Webmail' button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once you have clicked on that button you will ...

    Last Modified: 4/20/2023