Course Planning

Study of the Mind & Neuroscience - Where to Start?

Course planning advice here is limited to majors. For a full description of degree requirements, please see this overview of the Academic Program and refer to the Catalog for details and official rules. Any discrepancy between the Course Planning Pages and the Catalog will be resolved in favor of the Catalog.

Where should I start if I am just sampling this subject as a non-major?

The Study of the Mind major incorporates biology, philosophy, psychology, and computer science. The Neuroscience minor incorporates biology, philosophy, and psychology.

First-year students with a general interest in the Study of the Mind major or the Neuroscience minor should take an appropriate introductory level course within the departments listed above.  Please check the course planning pages for these departments for your best place to start.

Where should I start if I might use this as part of a major or as a potential major?

Students planning to major in the Study of the Mind should consider three courses as follows:

  • Enroll in Cell Biology (BIOL 150);
  • If you have no previous experience in philosophy or psychology, please consider enroll in an appropriate introductory course
    • If you have no prior experience in philosophy, please consider taking a 100-level philosophy course (PHIL). These are designed for and limited to first-year students
    • If you have no prior experience with psychology, please consider taking Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 110)
  • Enroll in Foundations of Computer Science (CSCI 150) if appropriate based on your math placements.   Note: Success in computer science requires a reasonable mathematics background.  Students with a MATH ACT score below 24 or a Mathematics placement into Precalculus (MATH 120) should delay starting the computer science until completing the appropriate college math course, typically Precalculus (MATH 120).             

Where should I start if I have some experience in this discipline before college?

  • Students with some experience in this field should consult with the Study of the Mind program chair.

When should I declare a major?

  • All students must declare a major by March 1st of their sophomore year.