Course Planning

Environmental Studies - Where to start?

The course planning advice here is limited to completing this major which is just one piece of the overall Hendrix College degree requirements.  For a full description of degree requirements see the Catalog.

Where should I start if I am just sampling this subject as a non-major? 

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (EVST 110) 
  • Chemistry of the Environment (CHEM 101)
  • Environmental Biology (BIOL 104)

Where should I start if I might use this as part of a major or as a potential major?

    In the first year, students should:

    • Enroll in Introduction to Environmental Studies (EVST 110)
    • Take another core course of the EVST Major [e.g. Chemistry of the Environment (CHEM 101), Environmental Biology (BIOL 104)]
    • Ensure that their math experience is at or above the level of Precalculus (MATH 120). Experience with precalculus means that students have credit for Precalculus, are enrolled in Precalculus (MATH 120), or their Student Placement Record recommends Calculus I (MATH 130) or higher.

    Where should I start if I have some experience in this discipline before college?

    When should I declare a major?

    • All students must declare a major by March 1st of their sophomore year.