Biology and Health Sciences Department

Andrew M. Schurko, Ph.D.

Schurko, Andrew

Andrew M. Schurko, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Chair, Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Program

He/Him/His Office: Donald W. Reynolds Center 315 Research Lab: Donald W. Reynolds Center 319 (501) 450-1375 (501) 450-4547 Research Details

Academic Background

  • B.Sc., University of Manitoba, 1997
  • Ph.D., University of Manitoba, 2003
  • Posdoctoral Researcher, University of Iowa
  • Posdoctoral Researcher, Emory University


  • Kessenich, C.R., Ruck, E.C., Schurko, A.M. , Wickett, N.J. and Alverson, A.J. 2014. Transcriptomic insights into the life history of Bolidophytes, the sister lineage to diatoms. Journal of Phycology 50:977-983.
  • Chipman, A.D, Ferrier, D.E.K, …. Goodwin-Horn, E.A.* ,.... Schurko, A.M. ,… Williams, J.M.* , …..Richards, S. (107 total authors). 2014. Prototypical arthropod gene content and genome organisation in the centipede Strigamia maritima . PLoS Biol 12(11): e1002005.(*Hendrix College undergraduates)
  • Hanson, S., Schurko, A.M., Hecox-Lea, B., Mark Welch, D., Stelzer, C.-P. and Logsdon, J.M. 2013. Inventory and phylogenetic analysis of meiotic genes in monogonont rotifers. Journal of Heredity 104:357-70.
  • Schurko, A.M., Mazur, D.J. and Logsdon, Jr., J.M. 2010. Inventory and phylogenomic distribution of meiotic genes in Nasonia vitripennis and among diverse arthropods. Insect Molecular Biology 19:165-80.
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