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Biology Information


The Biology Department of Hendrix College has the good fortune to reside in an excellent facility, have the breadth of interests among the faculty appropriate for a small liberal arts college, and to attract talented, highly motivated students. The Donald W. Reynolds Life Science Center  houses the Departments of Biology and Psychology. The Life Sciences Center provides a fully modern facility for teaching science, both in the lecture hall and the laboratory. The Center also has dedicated space for undergraduate research, greenhouses, and a small-animal care facility.

There are eight biology faculty in the Department; our academic and research interests span the breadth of biological science. We differ from biology departments in larger, research-oriented schools in that quality teaching is our foremost professional goal and, because of our limited numbers, we must be generalists rather than specialists. While this means that we may lack some bits of a specialist's knowledge of a particular aspect of science, it also means that we have the generalist's love of biological science as a whole and the ability to impart this appreciation of biology to undergraduates.

Biology is a popular major at Hendrix College; approximately 35 to 40 Hendrix students graduate as Biology majors each year from a graduating class of approximately 220. Most of our graduating majors have participated in undergraduate research while at Hendrix and a large majority will go on to professional or graduate programs in biology or medicine.

Departmental Philosophy

As a Department, we are strong supporters of a Liberal Arts education, convinced that broadly educated students will experience greater personal and professional satisfaction than those narrowly trained for a specific job. This breadth of education is obtained by taking a wide variety of non-science courses and continuing that breadth of coursework within the major. Therefore, all biology majors must take a series of "core" courses that provide significant coverage across all aspects of biological science. Upon successful completion of the core, students take upper level elective courses in those particular aspects of biology that they find of greatest interest. Students are also encouraged to participate in a research project, either at Hendrix or using a summer break to work in a larger laboratory at a research university, clinical or industrial setting. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in organizations and clubs, e.g., volunteer groups, the pre-professional club (AED) , the Hendrix Biological Society (BBB), BCMBjc.

Faculty Openings

There are currently no openings in the Biology Department.

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