Biology Department

Biology Department Learning Goals

Biology Majors 

Biology majors will:

  • Describe, interpret, and integrate the fundamental principles and theories that underlie our understanding of the living world, and the empirical evidence that supports that understanding.
  • Explain the process of science, evaluate and critique its products, and implement it to develop hypotheses and models for experimentation in the context of biology.
  • Produce and deliver clear and effective oral and written communications of biological concepts and discoveries to a variety of audiences.
  • Discuss and investigate how fields of biology are interconnected and engage with other scientific disciplines, including the growing role of interdisciplinarity in scientific research.
  • Relate skills and knowledge of biology to other disciplines in the liberal arts and evaluate the ways in which the life sciences interface with various aspects of our society, including ethics and governance.

Health Science Majors

 Health Sciences majors will: 

  • Describe, interpret, and integrate fundamental principles that underly the health sciences including human anatomy and physiology, human behavior and development, common diseases and disorders, and statistics.
  • Connect theory from coursework with practice from a hands-on, in-depth experience in the health science field of their choice.
  • Develop professional competencies necessary to prepare for post-graduate pursuits including analytical, written and oral communication, interview, and patient care skills. 
  • Discuss the ways in which health science professions interface with other disciplines in the liberal arts and various aspects of our society including ethics and governance.