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Laura Leak

Leak, Laura = 2022-5256

Laura Leak

Public Safety Officer Public Safety (501) 450-7711


Officer Laura Leak was born in Arkansas and spent most of her adolescent years in the south/southeast. Laura comes from a loving family of seven; mother, father and four siblings. She started out on her own at a young age, after high school, and pursued music for the first five years or so. Then Laura got into the construction industry. She spent her career as construction manager, QA/QC, piping trades, construction administrator and automatic orbital welding technician. Officer Leak has traveled and worked in almost every state in the US during her career and still doesn’t mind an occasional road trip. Laura earned an AS degree as a non-traditional student in her thirties during her construction career. Laura has owned five small businesses, starting, and dissolving each for various reasons and has now shifted her interests to the security sector. She loves music, playing guitar, reading, hiking, healthy eating, camping, exercising and good company.

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