Academic Affairs

2016 Summer & Fall Faculty Workshops

Workshop Summer
Committee on Faculty Retreat
 Aug 4
New Chairs Orientation
 Aug 8 (all day)
Training for Fall Faculty Conference Facilitators
 Aug 8 (am)
Continuing Chairs Orientation
 Aug 8 (pm only)
The Engaged Citizen
 May 16 (all day)
Aug 9 (all day)
 Aug 10-11 (all day, both days)
Council of New Student Advisors
  Aug 11-12 (all day)
Council on Academic Policy 
 Aug 11 (4:15-)
Murphy Fellow Orientation
 Aug 12 (am)
New Faculty Orientation (NFO)
 Aug 12 (pm)
Fall Faculty Conference   Aug 15th (all day)
New Adjunct Training

For questions about specific meeting times/places, please contact the workshop coordinator.