Academic Affairs


To provide students with the opportunity to gain additional experiences in their areas of study and to confirm career interests, Hendrix College offers an Internship Program through the Office of Career Services. This program offers a platform for students to apply classroom theories to the solutions of actual problems in the work place as well as testing whether a specific career path is relevant and exciting for them. Site sponsors assist interns by providing training, projects, and direct supervision throughout the internship timeline. Internships are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing. A shorter, more limited format of the internship, shadowing, is available to all students including freshmen.
Internships can satisfy certain credit types within the academic field:

     Academic Course Grade (letter grade counts toward GPA),
     Academic Course Credit (CR grade, counts toward graduation and as a scheduled class),
     Odyssey Credit (Pre-approved for the P/L credit).

Only one academic course grade or academic course credit internship will be allowed to count as a course credit toward graduation. Few internships are paid internships. Potential internship funding may be pursued via the Hendrix Odyssey Program, the Miller Center, or Project Pericles.
Interested students are required to meet with the Career Services Internship Coodinator. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact or call 450-1440.