Academic Affairs

Department of Languages

The Academic Program

The Department of Languages at Hendrix College offers majors and minors in Classics, French, German, and Spanish, as well as lower-division courses in Chinese. Our programs in modern languages are designed to develop written and oral communication skills in the target languages, to promote global awareness through the study of different cultures and peoples, and to encourage aesthetic appreciation through the study of literature, film, and culture. Our program in Classics encourages students to develop a multi-faceted view of Greek and Roman antiquity through an interdisciplinary study of language, literature, history, and philosophy.

Enrichment Experiences

Language students at Hendrix find numerous opportunities to enrich their language experience through supplemental or extracurricular activities. Students may choose to join language table discussion groups at mealtimes, attend showings of foreign films, or participate in study-abroad programs in Europe, Asia, or South America, for example. The Language House offers students the chance to live in a dormitory in which the Resident Director is a native speaker and where residential life is centered around the use of the target language. The Language House rotates annually among three languages: German, Spanish, and French.

Department Goals for Languages, Classics and Hebrew

Students should achieve the degree of competence in a foreign language necessary to encounter another culture on its own terms. This level of mastery requires being able to understand, analyze, and use a foreign language. Such a capacity increases subtlety of mind, sharpens sensitivity to the use of one’s own language, and more fully opens another culture for exploration.

The overarching goal of the Classics program is two-fold: 

  • to introduce students to the languages, literature, and cultures of Greek and Roman antiquity,
  • and to help students develop the skills necessary to interpret, synthesize, and engage ancient material.

The introductory courses in Biblical Hebrew aim to help students achieve the language skills necessary to read and interpret the texts of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament. Ideally, students will be able to translate narrative texts with the help of lexical aids and will have some experience with Hebrew poetry.

Learning Goals For Chinese

Learning Goals For Classics

Learning Goals For French

Learning Goals For German

Learning Goals For Hebrew

Learning Goals For Spanish

The Faculty

  • Lilian Contreras-Silva, Professor of Spanish (Ph.D., Louisiana State University) 
  • Cathy Jellenik, Associate Professor of French (Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Wenjia Liu, Assistant Professor of Chinese (Ph.D., University of Oregon)
  • Wayne D. Oudekerk, Professor of German (D.A., Syracuse University)
  • Stanly Rauh, Assistant Professor of Classics (Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara)
  • Rebecca Resinski, Professor of Classics (Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles)
  • Garbiñe Vidal-Torreira, Assistant Professor of Spanish (Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • José Vilahomat, Professor of Spanish (Ph.D., Florida International University)
  • Irmina Fabricio, Instructor of Spanish (M.A., University of Central Arkansas)
  • Cori French, Instructor of Spanish (M.A., University of Central Arkansas)
  • Severine Cottrant-Estell, Instructor of French (M.A., University of Arkansas)
  • Robyn Wright, Murphy Visiting Fellow in Spanish (Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin)