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Walker Odyssey Fellowship


The Walker Odyssey Fellowships were established in 2006 to enable our top Watson candidates who were unsuccessful in securing Watson Fellowships to pursue their projects on a more limited scale.  After announcement of the Watson Fellows in mid-March, the Honors Committee designates which Watson candidates from Hendrix will receive a Walker, which is half of the amount of the Watson award.  Walker Fellows spend a portion of the year after they graduate on their journeys under guidelines and expectations similar to those of Watson Fellows.  A condition upon their return is that Walker Fellows must make presentations to the Hendrix community regarding the completion of their projects.

Due to financial considerations, the Walker Odyssey Fellowships have been suspended.  

Walker Odyssey Fellows

Leah Card '06
Comparing the Effects of Invasive Species on the Biodiversity and Communities of Pacific Islands
Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)

Maria Evola '06
Cultural Diversity in Childbirth-Pain-Management
Guatemala, India, Thailand, Australia

Annalisa Keen '07
The Value of Home:  Studying Sustainable Affordable Housing in South America
Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela

Harper Zielonko '07
Protecting the Innocent:  Child Protection Practices and Policies of Hague and Non-Hague Countries 
United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Thailand

Katie Pratt '08
Women's Relationship to Food:  Globalization and Changing Eating Habits  
Fiji, Argentina, Italy

Benjamin Molini '09
Talking with Your Fists:  Fighting Styles as Forms of Language  
Brazil, Thailand

Ben Samuelson '10
Roots of Heritage: Conservation of Traditional Foods and Farming Methods  
Italy, Croatia

Claire Burns '11
Sheep, Fish, and Sagas:  Seeking Otherness in the Subarctic
Shetland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland

Jayce Hafner '11
Staging Social Change
South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy

Jennifer Baker '12
Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Cross Cultural Examination of Care Giving
Ireland, Turkey, South Korea, South Africa

Rose Thomson '12
Solidarity through Sport: Using Teams to Empower Girls
Guatemala, Uganda, India, Cambodia 

Anna Broadwell-Gulde '13
Healing Bodies, Calming Minds:  Examining the Medicalization of Yoga
India, Australia, Brazil, Germany 

Linh Chuong '13
Bridging Boats, Brides, and Bucks: Making Sense of the Vietnamese Diaspora
Thailand, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea 

Jenna Gottschalk '14
Rooted in a Changing World: the Value of Place for Small Farmers
Ghana, Uganda, Vietnam, Brazil


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