Course Planning

Neuroscience - Where to Start?

The course planning advice here is limited to completing this major which is just one piece of the overall Hendrix College degree requirements.  For a full description of degree requirements see the Catalog.


Where should I start if I am just sampling this subject as a non-major?

  • The Neuroscience major incorporates biology, psychology, computer science, and philosophy.
  • First-year students with a general interest in neuroscience should look to the course planning pages for these departments for the appropriate introductory levels courses, then cross-check the course schedule for this year’s course offerings.   

Where should I start if I might use this as part of a major or as a potential major?

    Students planning to major in neuroscience should:

  • Enroll in Cell Biology (BIOL 150);
  • Enroll in General Chemistry I (CHEM 110);
  • As a first-year student, consider taking a 100-level Philosophy courses  (PHIL 111, PHIL 112, PHIL 113, or PHIL 114) if you have no prior experience in this field.
  • As a first-year student, consider taking Introduction to Psychology(PSYC 110) if you have no prior experience in psychology.
  • Notes: Success in the General Chemistry I (CHEM 110) is highly correlated with algebra skills.  If your ACT in math is 23 or below, strongly consider delaying General Chemistry I (Chem 110) for a year.  Data shows that some additional math experience and experience in college greatly improves the likelihood of a positive outcome.  Please consult your Academic Advisor or a member of the Chemistry Department. 

Where should I start if I have some experience in this discipline before college?

  • Students with some experience in the discipline should consult with their academic advisor and with the Neuroscience Program chair.

When should I declare a major?

  • All students must declare a major by March 1st of their sophomore year.