Career Planning

Music - Career Planning

Career Overview for the Music Major

Students in the Department of Music develop essential skills through academic coursework and performance-based study in their private lessons and ensembles. Students hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills, learning to reflect on complex and conceptual issues, and engage in self-assessment of their own progress. Many of our courses and activities promote written and aural communication, whether it be through a student led sectional rehearsal, a collaborative group assignment, or program notes a student writes for their recital.

Our programs offer many opportunities for studying music as a form of intercultural dialogue both in and out of the classroom. At Hendrix, you will come to see music as a form of personal expression, a means to reflect on cultural history, and as a platform for understanding current events and social issues. Through senior capstones, internships, and Odyssey projects, students gain valuable leadership experience, helping them to recognize and prepare for professional opportunities and career goals.

Internship & Career Exploration

Former students have completed internships with:

  • Vector Management – Nashville, TN
  • Preston Palmer Studios – Conway, AR

A music major provides students with opportunities for career advancement in many fields. These might include:

  • Music education
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Arts administration
  • Music therapy
  • Music business

Our faculty are more than happy to discuss many of these possibilities with you. You can also visit the “What can I do with this major” database for additional ideas by clicking the link above.

Employment & Graduate School

Graduate School Options

Some music-related careers require graduate studies in a specific music area, such as performance, music history, or composition. Our music degree is designed to help prepare you for such graduate-level programs, but will also serve you well if graduate studies are not part of your chosen career path.

Hendrix music major alums have attended these prominent graduate programs:

  • University of Arizona (choral conducting)
  • University of North Texas (conducting)
  • University of Central Arkansas (music education)
  • California Institute for the arts (composition)
  • University of Michigan (music performance – cello)
  • Texas Women’s University (music therapy)
  • New School for Drama (theatre & opera direction)
  • University of Georgia (musicology)

Alumni Highlights

Recent Alumni Accomplishments

Ryan Gaston - Composer

Connor McMains - Church musician and conductor

Jeremy Crosmer - Cellist with Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Kara Stewart Meredith - Musicologist

James Olmstead - Broadway theatre musician (arranger and music director)

Maegan Weems McCuller - Music therapy specialist

Daniel Ellis - Opera stage director