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Classics - Career Planning

Career Overview for the Classics Major

Students of Classics study the language, literature, culture, and history of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to learn and utilize the methods, tools, and approaches appropriate to several distinct academic fields. Our courses foster the development of many skills that are highly prized in the workplace including complex problem-solving, analytical reasoning, and the ability to speak and write well in a variety of mediums. We value the relationships that students and faculty are able to develop through friendly discussion in small classes and shared co-curricular activities. This cooperative framework facilitates effective, individual support for students as they pursue different educational programs, prepare for post-graduate study, or embark upon their career paths.

Internship & Career Exploration

Employment & Graduate School

Professional Opportunities for Classics Majors

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Publishing
  • Journalism
  • Entertainment

Alumni Highlights

Sara Hales: Doctoral Candidate at the University of Iowa.

At Hendrix: Classics Major

SaraHales Highlight “After graduating from Hendrix and teaching in Italy on a Fulbright fellowship, I started the graduate program in Classics at the University of Iowa. As a research assistant, I got to work as an Editorial Assistant and then Managing Editor of Syllecta Classica, a scholarly Classics journal run by my department.

“I am now the Marketing Assistant at the University of Iowa Press, learning another aspect of the publishing industry while I write my doctoral dissertation. The combination of specialized knowledge and general literary/cultural understanding that comes from having a Classics degree has already proven useful in my daily work at the UI Press and will continue to serve me well as I pursue a career in the editing and publishing industry.”

Matt Stewart: Marketing Analytics at Stone Ward Advertising

At Hendrix: Classics major, English minor

MattStewart Highlight

“Upon graduation, I dove headfirst into the world of advertising. While the only directly translatable skill was my ability to read “dummy copy” for websites, I found myself relying on lessons learned from my time in Hendrix’s Classics department. In Classics, each author uses their own jargon, sentence structure, and variation of grammar. The continual emphasis on how to approach logical problems laid the groundwork for my ability to adapt daily to new challenges and learn complex systems.

“Today, I manage an automatic system of reports to keep clients up to date on their media’s performance, website tracking, data analysis, and economic forecasting. I have used these combinations of skills to provide valuable insight to clients ranging from healthcare, finance, QSR, franchises, car dealerships, sports, and more. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my background in the Classics.”