Catalog 2018-2019


Teaching Faculty

Professors Contreras-Silva (Chair), Oudekerk (German coordinator), Resinski, and Vilahomat (Spanish coordinator)  
Associate Professors Jellenik (French coordinator) and Rauh
Assistant Professors Liu (Chinese coordinator) and Vidal-Torreira
Instructors Cottrant-Estell, Fabricio, and French 
Visiting Murphy Fellow Shedd  
Adjunct Teaching Staff Stockwell


The Department of Languages offers majors and minors in Classics, French, and Spanish. The department also offers a Chinese minor; courses in Chinese language and literature may be used for the Asian Studies minor. Our programs in modern languages are designed to develop written and oral communication skills in the target languages, to promote global awareness through the study of different cultures and peoples, and to encourage aesthetic appreciation through the study of literature.  Our program in Classics encourages students to develop a multi-faceted view of Greek and Roman antiquity through an interdisciplinary study of language, literature, history, and philosophy.


Classics-Latin, Greek





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