Mathematics and Computer Science

2006 Senior Theses

  • Alex Cameron.
    The number of ring homomorphisms from Zm[λ] into Zn[λ] where λ² + 2 = 0.
    Advisor: Byungchul Cha.
  • S Thomas Christie.
    Reconstructing rosette-based Islamic geometric patterns.
    Advisor: Duff Campbell.
  • Zach Collins.
    Game balance and limited rationality: Analyzing gameplay correctness in video games.
    Advisor: Gabriel Ferrer.
  • Joseph Elliott.
    The restoration of paintings: Invoking the power of image processing.
    Advisor: W Dwayne Collins.
  • Alvin Grissom.
    Genetic programming to evolve solutions to simple Blocks World planning problems.
    Advisor: Gabriel Ferrer.
  • Andrea Morell.
    A glimpse into knot theory.
    Advisor: Duff Campbell.
  • David Schultz
    Video games and artificial intelligence: An examination of expert systems.
    Advisor: Gabriel Ferrer.
  • Greg Varner.
    An examination of two chaotic systems.
    Advisor: Duff Campbell.
  • Colin Williams.
    Automated theorem verification and proof generation.
    Advisor: Dwayne Collins.