• Mathematics and Computer Science

    Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty

    Camfield, Chris
    Christopher Camfield, 2010- Professor of MathematicsChair, Department of Mathematics and Computer ScienceFaculty Athletics Representative B.S., University of Cincinnati, 2002
    Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2008
    Carol Ann Downes
    Carol Ann Downes, 2017- Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Westmont College, 2012
    M.A., Rice University, 2014
    Ph.D., Rice University, 2017
    Ferrer, Gabriel
    Gabriel Ferrer, 2002- Professor of Computer Science B.A., Rice University, 1994
    M.S., University of Virginia, 1996
    Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2002
    Goadrich, Mark
    Mark Goadrich, 2014- Julia Mobley Odyssey Professor of Computer Science B.A., Kenyon College, 1998
    M.S., University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2000
    Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2007
    Seme, Lars
    Lars Seme, 2008- Instructor of MathematicsChair, Explorations B.A., Hendrix College, 1995
    M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Missouri–Rolla, 1997
    David C. Sutherland, 1992- Associate Provost for Academic AffairsProfessor of Mathematics B.A., Hendrix College, 1981
    M.A., North Texas State University, 1983
    Ph.D., North Texas State University, 1986
    Yorgey, Brent
    Brent A. Yorgey, 2015- Associate Professor of Computer Science B.A., Williams College, 2004
    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2014
  • Staff

    Susan Ablondi Photo
    Susan Ablondi Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant B.A., The College of William and Mary, 1989