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Make Additio Grade Columns Visible to Students


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This is the 4th of 5 articles to help with the process of getting started using Additio as the gradebook with Teams.

Grade columns are not visible to students automatically.  After you have scored an assignment, you can set Visibility so all students can view the grades for that assignment column at once.  Some faculty also choose to make only aggregates columns visible to students rather than every assignment. 

1. Click on the column you wish to make visible. Scroll down to Visibility, it will automatically be set to Private until you change it. 

2. Change the drop down menu to read Students

 Do this for each column you want students to be able to view. 

  1. Link Your Team and Additio accounts.  
  2. Import your students from Microsoft Teams into Additio for each Team.
  3. Then you will send access codes students for your Teams. 
  4. And set the Visibility for only the specific grade columns you wish them to view. (This article.)
  5. Provide your students with the link to set up their Edvoice account.  (Edvoice is a phone-only app that serves as the students' view of the Additio course grades.)

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