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In order to give students access to their grades in Additio you'll need to follow the steps below

1. If you haven't already, Import your students from Microsoft Teams into Additio.

2. Go to your class in Additio, select the 3 dots in the upper right, navigate to Edvoice and click Set communications

3.Click Yes on the pop up to activate communications.  

4. Navigate to Edvoice again using the 3 dots and select view codes.

5. Click Send to all by email to send all of the students their individual codes.  If you want to create more specialized invitations, you can click Export to...

Note: By using the 3 dots next to the students name, you can send the code individually, but you will have to repeat this action for each student. Use the 3 dots to send individually as students join your class later.  

6. Students will need to sign up for Edvoice (this is not currently automatable by IT) and use their code.  The code is unique to the student and your class.  They will receive separate codes for each class.  The code gives your students general access to your course Team, however you will still need to determine which grade columns you wish them to view

Edvoice is accessible as an app in the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore or on the web at

Once the student has created an account they can log in to Edvoice and enter their personal code to add your class to their Edvoice account.  Direct your students to and search "Edvoice" for links to Edvoice and Additio help.


The Edvoice mobile app provides a chat option that is not available on the web version. Let your students know if that is or is not an effective way to get in touch with you. 

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