Catalog 2019-2020

Academic Appeals

A student who wishes to appeal a policy or decision by the Office of Academic Affairs concerning interpretations of, or exceptions to, rules, procedures or decisions governing registration in courses and the management of academic records must make that appeal to the Committee on Academic Appeals. Examples of such appeals would include an appeal to drop a course with no mark after the no mark deadline or an appeal to withdraw from a course with a W after the W deadline.

To pursue such an appeal, the student should submit a formal petition in writing to the Registrar. This appeal should state the specific request being made and include some explanation of the situation relating to the request. Extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control are of especial relevance and a petition should include discussion of such circumstances.The Registrar will forward the student’s petition to the chair of the Committee on Academic Appeals, and the committee will review and rule on the appeal within 3 weeks of filing, exclusive of breaks. The chair of the Committee will notify the student of the decision. Committee decisions are final.

The correction of bureaucratic, clerical, and technology-based errors that clearly did not originate with a student do not require a formal appeal. In such instances, students or faculty should consult the Registrar or Office of Academic Affairs.

The Committee on Academic Apeals does not hear appeals involving alleged professional misconduct on the part of faculty. Such cases should be referred to the Provost. 

The Committee on Academic Appeals does not hear appeals concerning disputes about course grades. Course grade issues are covered in the previous section under Academic Grievances.

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