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Interview Mistakes Bright People Make-College Students

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If you are interviewing for a highly competitive position or looking for a job in a down market, you can’t afford to make these common mistakes.

1.    Insufficient knowledge of key job details. At a high level, most people understand the key skills relevant for their target job (e.g. teamwork, communication, problem solving), but do you also know the types of analysis performed in the job, and the deliverables that are handed off to managers or clients? Do you know what other departments or constituencies you would interact with and why?  It will be very obvious to the interviewer if you don’t understand the job well enough. Well before your interview, make sure to talk to someone with direct experience in that job. Make sure you can answer these questions about the job before your interview.
For more mistakes that bright people make CLICK HERE! 

Posted by Christy Coker at 10/05/2009 08:05:56 PM | 

Another tip: Background research from social networking sites and search engines is becoming more common with mortgage companies, and no doubt other employers, so ponder what you post.
Posted by: Ditech Home Loans ( Email | Visit ) at 11/12/2009 11:47 PM

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