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We review resumes almost daily.  Sometimes we review several per day.  Our office is always glad to provide this service to students and alumni as it is also one of the most important steps in the job search, career planning, and even grad school application process.  As always, feel free to call, email, or stop by if you would like to have your resume reviewed.  We will personally look over your resume and make reccomendations based on your particular situation and based on your resume content.  If you need help just getting something down on paper, make sure you check out our resume handout located here.  Following is a summary of our most frequent resume reccomendations.

  • Do not use a template for your final draft.  Your resume will not have a unique look or feel.  It also may be difficult to add content and shift the format or headings.
  • Use minimal margins for your page layout. 1/2 or 3/4 inch margins all around usually look great.
  • Watch for spelling errors (advice we could use for this blog at times as well)
  • Make sure that your profile, objective, or experience descriptions are unique and specific.  Prove your experience and qualifications.  Do not waste space with content that would work for any other cadidate applying for the same position or describe anyone who worked in a similar position. 
  • Always include your cover letter and reference if you are applying directly for a specific position.  However, use care when including these in posting your resume to a general job board.
  • Don't think of your resume as a static/single document. Adapt it as needed or create multiple resumes. e.g. one for positions related to your major and one for positions related to your experience.

Again, drop us an email at for a personal resume review. 

Posted by Christy Coker at 02/27/2008 03:29:34 PM | 

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