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Job Satisfaction and Career Planning

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The Labor Day weekend is always a prime time for career and employment news items.  Particularly interesting are reports regarding the University of Chicago’s most recent studies related to job satisfaction.  Here are a few highlights and career services observations:

  1.   Workers in South Central states (including Arkansas) were most satisfied with their jobs.  (Factor geography into your career planning)
  2. People working in helping or creative professions expressed high job satisfaction ratings.  (Consider working with a non-profit or pursuing your artistic ambitions)
  3. Job satisfaction increases with age.
     (Your first job may not be perfect, that’s ok, your career path is a progressive journey)
  4. Job satisfaction increases with education-those with graduate degrees reported the highest ratings.  (Strongly consider graduate school-the rewards go beyond earnings potential)

Posted by Christy Coker at 09/05/2007 02:32:36 PM | 

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