Olin C. Bailey Library

Hendrix Bike Shop

Hours & Location

The Hendrix Bike Shop is open Monday - Thursday, 4:30 - 6:00 pm while classes are in session and is located on Washington Ave., in a garage between the Costume Shop and Counseling Services.  The last day of service for spring semester will be Monday, May 4.


Three bike mechanics provide bikes repairs, tune-ups, and cleaning for bikes belonging to the Hendrix community.  There is no charge for this service!  The bike mechanics also service the 13 library bike share bikes available for check-out through Bailey Library.  For more information consult the library's circulation policies or email bikemechanics@hendrix.edu.

Bike Revolution Club

The mechanics also sponsor the Bike Revolution student club, which hosts group rides, open mic events, and promotes bike safety and advocacy.  If you're interested in becoming involved, email bikemechanics@hendrix.edu for more information.

HDX Bike Shop and Mechanics - rotated