Olin C. Bailey Library

Mission Statement

As the center for intellectual endeavor at Hendrix College, the Library actively responds to the research and instructional needs of our students and faculty.  The Library works with all members of the Hendrix community to establish a nurturing environment that promotes scholarship, learning, creativity, and the freedom of inquiry that is the foundation of a democratic society. 


  • Using current technologies, Bailey Library will seek to identify and implement innovative means for broadening access to information and strengthening services.
  • Bailey Library will engage the Hendrix community in the development of library research skills and will support classroom instruction through services and academic technologies.
  • Bailey Library will seek and maintain cooperative alliances to complement and develop the resources available locally.
  • Bailey Library will provide engaging spaces for students to work collaboratively or independently and will host community-enriching programs and displays.
  • Bailey Library will invest in professional development of our student library assistants.
  • Bailey Library will facilitate and promote undergraduate and faculty research through outstanding collections and services.