Olin C. Bailey Library

Senior Researcher Space

Seniors working on a thesis or project will have a locked cabinet and shelves available on the second floor of the library rotunda to store materials.  Each researcher will be checked out a key that will allow storage for materials such as interlibrary loans, books that have been checked out but the student would prefer to keep at the library, print-outs, supplies, electronics, etc.  

The following policies apply:

  • Books that are stored in the cabinet or on the designated shelving MUST be checked out to the individual before being placed there.
  • Seniors wishing to use this service must either have had a library instruction session, or have made a research appointment with a librarian.
  • We ask that researchers do not store items that would attract vermin and insects (no food or drink), and naturally, no alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Depending on demand, seniors may be asked to share the space with other researchers.
  • The cabinets remain the property of the library, and as such library staff may check on materials being stored in them.
  • Keys need to be either renewed for spring, or turned in at the end of the semester, or a $25 fine will be applied to student accounts.