Olin C. Bailey Library

Book Dedications 2014

Presented By:  The Staff of Bailey Library


In Honor Of:  Student Library Assistants and Graduates of 2014


1.  Maya Olivia Bastille
     Peck, Robert McCracken.  A glorious enterprise.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:           
     University of Pennsylvania Press [c2012]


2.  Samuel Delos Brian

     Companion to American literary studies.  Edited by Caroline F. Levander and
     Robert S. Levine.  Malden, Massachusetts:  John Wiley & Sons [c2011]


3.  Stephen Marcus Brick

     Buchwald, Jed Z.  Newton and the origin of civilization.  Princeton, New Jersey:
     Princeton University Press [c2013]


4.  Kaleigh Ann Clary

     Cortada, James W.  The digital flood:  diffusion of information technology across 
     the United States, Europe, and Asia
.  New York, New York:  Oxford University
     Press [c2012]      


5.  Lyndsey Rachelle Czapansky

     The Oxford handbook of American public opinion and the media.  Edited by
     Robert Y. Shapiro and Lawrence R. Jacobs.  Oxford, United Kingdom:  Oxford
     University Press [c2011]


6.  Lyle James Gregory

     The Oxford handbook of the history of ethics.  Edited by Roger Crisp.  Oxford,
     United Kingdom:  Oxford University Press [c2013]


7.  Evangeline Adele Harpst

     Basbanes, Nicholas A.  On paper:  the everything of its two-thousand-year history.
     New York, New York:  Alfred A. Knopf  [c2013]


8.  Sarah Porfiria Salazar

     Stanton, Brandon.  Humans of New York.  New York, New York:  St. Martin’s
     Press [c2013]


9.  Stacey Michelle Svendsen

     Blinder, Alan S.  After the music stopped:  the financial crisis, the response, and
     the work ahead.
  New York, New York:  Penguin Press  [c2013]