Olin C. Bailey Library

Research Methods: Politics


Dictionaries and Handbooks

  • Political Dictionaries
    R 320.03
  • Palgrave Macmillon Dictionary of Political Thought
    R 320.03 Scr84p3

Almanacs and Statistics

Encyclopedias (International)

  • International Encyclopedia of Social & Behav. Sciences
    R 300.3 In8si
  • Encyclopedia of Human Rights
    R 323.403 En19w2
  • Encyclopedia of the U. N. & International Agreements
    R 341.2303 Os5e3

Encyclopedias (U. S.)

  • Encyclopedia of Democracy
    R 321.803 En19L
  • Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
    R 322.103 En19w
  • American Presidential Campaigns and Elections
    R 324.973 Am35s
  • Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
    R 342.7302303 En19L2
  • Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court
    R 347.7326 C76c4
  • Encyclopedia of American Law
    R 348.7303 W529w
  • Guide to the Presidency
    R 353.0313 C76n4

Government Documents

  • Public Papers of the Presidents
    AE 2.114
  • Census Documents C 3.*
  • Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (1880-2012)
    C 3.134
  • U.S. Supreme Court Reports JU 6.8
  • Foreign Relations of the United States (1864-1976)
    S 1.2:958-60
  • U.S. Treaties & Other International Agreements (1776-1984)
    S 9.12

Online Catalogs

( http://baileylib.hendrix.edu & WorldCat!)

Some tips:

  • These are BOOK databases – like Amazon.com for libraries!
  • Keyword: most flexible, most results: politic*.
  • Subject: more restrictive, categories, works like an index, idea farm. Start with political science or politics and go from there.
  • Title: more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index.
  • Modify/Limit: limit by language or location. Ex.: media center


GPO Access
Service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to information produced by the federal government.

LexisNexis/ProQuest Congressional (1980s-present)
Online legislative and regulatory service that provides access to full text of congressional bills and resolutions, reports and documents, bibliographic information to hearings, biographical and voting information for members of Congress, full text of the Federal Register, and full text of the Congressional Record

  • Advanced Search, available on the side menu, allows better ways to control and limit your search
  • “Members and Committees” allows an easy way to identify members of Congress and how they have voted.
  • “Political News” includes the Washington Post.

Social Sciences Full Text (1983-present)
Social Sciences indexes nearly 850 journals and includes political science. Some full text is provided.

  • Use the advanced search for more searching options.
  • Use * on the end of your term for variant endings, and ? to account for variant spellings. Ex.: Chin* retrieves China, Chinese, etc.
  • Boolean/Phrase search mode requires “AND” to break your search terms.
  • Use the indexes to search for journal titles, subject terms, and authors.

A largely full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals, including 161 political science journals. MAY NOT BE CURRENT!

  • Use the Advanced Search.
  • Select whichever disciplines that are relevant to your research, noting that you decide whether or not JSTOR includes citations and links to other content.
  • Use the drop-down menu to connect search terms: AND, OR, and NEAR.
  • Use “*” to account for variant word endings.
  • Use quotes to search phrases: (“Latin America” OR “South America”) and leader* AND women

Project MUSE
Full text of nearly 200 scholarly journals published by university presses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Advanced Search allows better searching options.
  • Limit to research area, author, content type, or language.
  • Use truncation (*) on the end of a term to search for plurals or parts of words.
  • Deselect the "Only content I have full access to" for more citations.

Interlibrary Loan

Remember that you can use interlibrary loan to get books and articles that we and UCA don’t have. Check our Catalog and Journals List as well as UCA’s catalog, BearCat, and UCA’s Journals List first. Use our interlibrary loan forms to order your materials.


Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST)
Factual reference system on international security trends. Covers conflicts, arms transfers and military expenditure, hard facts on states and international organizations, economic and social statistics and chronologies.

Population Reference Bureau
Analyzes complex demographic data and research to provide up-to-date population information.

World Press Review
Guide to the international press, featuring translations from thousands of newspapers in more than 20 languages.

CIA World Factbook
Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Fourth World Journal
Ideas and analysis about and by writers from some of the world's more than 6,000 Fourth World nations.

Human Rights Web Archive
From Columbia University, preserves web publications and sites that are at risk of disappearing.

Think Tank Search
From Harvard's Kennedy School of Government's library.