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Book Dedications 2011

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Library Student Workers
William Kyle Bradbury
     A Pictorial History of Arkansas’s Old State House: Celebrating 175 Years      
     by Mary L. Kwas

Claire Elizabeth Burns
     The Secret Life of Words: How English became English 
     by Henry Hitchings

Abby Coleman
     Contested Will: Who wrote Shakespeare?
     by James S. Shapiro

Jamie Rae Dimond
     Environmental Chemistry
     by Stanley E. Manahan

Federica Suree Gill
     Backstory in Blue: Ellington at Newport ’56
     by John Fass Morton

Taylor Wade Kidd
     American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA: When FDR put the Nation to Work
     by Nick Taylor

Kelli LaPorte
     Death of the Dream: Classic Minnesota Farmhouses
     by William G. Gabler

Lira Sultana Mondal
     Francesca Caccini at the Medici Court: Music and the Circulation of Power
     by Suzanne G. Cusick

Lydia Marie Nash
     The Environmental Debate
     edited by Peninah Neimark and Peter Rhoades Mott

Arika LaCheal Smith
     The National Mall: Rethinking Washington’s Monumental Core
     edited by Nathan Glazer and Cynthia R. Field

Elizabeth Foster Whittington
     The Oxford Handbook of Political Science
     edited by Robert E. Goodin


McKenna Raney in Honor of Scottie Raney Pabin 
     HRH The Prince of Wales Watercolours 
     by Charles, Prince of Wales 




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