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Natural History


Cambridge Illustrated Dictionary of Natural History          R 508.03 L638c
A Guide to Fossils                                                         R 560 M455g
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals           R 566 M228d
Northern Forested Wetlands                                           R 574.526325 N814t
WWF Guide to Endangered Species of North America        R 574.529 Of2m
Wild Flowers of the United States (Southeastern)              R 582.13 424w
Mushrooms of North America                                          R 589.222 M616m
Encyclopedia of Insects                                                  Online
The Cambridge Natural History                                                            R 591 C356
The Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life                                           R 591.92 En19b
A Natural History of the Ducks                                         R 598.41 P544n
Grzimek’s Encyclopedia Mammals                                    R 599 G929g



Online Catalog = Books!

These subject headings will bring “sure success” when searched in the keyword or subject heading categories:

FossilForest conservation (Arkansas)
Marine biology
Natural history
Natural history Arkansas
Natural history Ozark mountains region
Natural history Southern states
Nature conservation (Arkansas)
Paleontology (Arkansas)
Wetlands (Arkansas)

Some tips:

  • Keyword:  most flexible, most results
  • Subject:  more restrictive, categories, works like an index, idea farm.
  • Title:  more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index. 
  • Modify/Limit:  limit by language or location.  Ex.:  reference


Databases = Articles!

General Science (1982-present)
General Science is a good place to start looking for articles.  This database contains a mixture of popular and scholarly sources.  A portion of this database is full text. 

  • Select “General Science Full Text.”
  • If the “All- Smart Search” doesn’t work, try “Keyword” search instead.
  • For more relevant articles, try limiting your search to “Feature Article” or “Review Article” under the Document Type menu.
  • Select “Peer Reviewed” for research articles from scholarly journals.
  • Use truncation (*).


JSTOR (not current) 
A largely full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals.  MAY NOT BE CURRENT!

  • Use the Advanced Search.
  • Select whichever disciplines that are relevant to your research, noting that you decide whether or not JSTOR includes citations and links to other content.
  • Use the drop-down menu to connect search terms:  AND, OR, and NEAR.
  • Use “?” on the end of your term to account for plurals, and “*” to account for variant word endings.
  • Use quotes to search phrases.  Ex: “Arkansas wetlands”

Journals List & Interlibrary Loan

For a complete list of which journals Bailey Library has, check out our Journals List.  If we don’t have the journal you need, check UCA’s Journals List.  If they don’t have it, order your article on interlibrary loan!



Encyclopedia of Life

Arkansas Geological Survey

The Geology of Petit Jean State Park

The Geology of Leslie AR

United States Department of Agriculture Plant Database
Fern     http://plants.usda.gov/  

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Arkansas Endangered Species

The Highway 65 Road Cut (Leslie Fossils)

Army Corps of Engineers


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