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African-American Traditions in Song...1600s-1920                  R 016.7008996 So88a
Afro-American Religious Music                                              R 016.783675 J134a
Encyclopedia of Religion                                                       R 200.3 En19e
Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America;           R 200.820973 En19k
Contemporary American Religion                                                               R 200.97303 C767r
A Guidebook to Worship Services of Sacred Music                  R 264.2 H352g
Encyclopedia of African American Religions  (use index)         R 299.603 En19g
The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music                              R 780.9 G183s
The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians                     R 780.3 G919di2

Specialized Religious Encyclopedias: 
New Catholic Encyclopedia                                                          R 282.03 N42
Encyclopedia of Buddhism (see: Chanting & Liturgy)                           R 294.303 En19b
Jewish Encyclopedias                                                                 R 296.03s
Encyclopedia of the Qur’an (see: Praise; Prayer; Prayer Formula)  R 297.1226 En19m
Encyclopedia of Taoism                                                              R 299.51403 En19p
Encyclopedia of Islam                                                                 R 956.03 En19b2



Online Catalog Jazz Sax

Try searching these subject headings in a keyword or subject search:

Church music
Gospel music
Music – religious aspects
Jazz – religious aspects
Jews – music
Popular culture
Popular music

Some hints for searching the catalog: 

  • Keyword:  most flexible, most results, use AND to separate words.
  • Subject:  more restrictive, categories, works like an index (reads left to right).
  • Title:  more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index. 
  • Modify/Limit:  limit by language or location.  Ex.:  media center 



To see what journals we have in religion, check out our Journals List.  Check both our print journals and our online journals.  If we don't have what you need, check UCA's Journals List.  If they don't have it, order it through interlibrary loan.


Library Databases

The world’s online catalog. Use this database to find books that have been published…period.

  • “Keyword” – still the most flexible.
  • Pay attention to subject headings when you look at your results!
  • Limit to type of material, language, and audience where appropriate.
  • Use “*” on the end of your term to pick up different endings.
  • Use quotes to search your terms as a phrase.  Ex.:  “experimental music”
  • Click on the “Libraries worldwide that own item” to see whether or not UCA owns it (anything Hendrix owns displays this symbol:  )
  • You can mark records that you’re interested in (by checking the box), which you can then print or email.


ATLA Religion Database 
This database from the American Theological Library Association contains a collection of major religion and theology journals representing all major religious faiths, denominations, and language groups.  Some full text is available.

  • Use AND, OR, and NOT to connect concepts.
  • Use indexes to find the “magic words”:  subject, publications, name as subject and scriptures.
  • Use an “*” on the end of your term to pick up variant endings.


Project MUSE  
Full text of nearly 200 scholarly journals published by university presses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Use quotations (e.g. "big band") to search for phrases.
  • If desired, combine terms by typing Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, or type terms in separate boxes and use the pull-downs at the left of the search boxes.
  • Select fields to search from the right-hand pulldowns. 
  • Use truncation (*) on the end of your term to search for plurals or parts of words.


A largely full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals, but NOT the most current 2-5 years!

  • Use the Advanced Search.
  • Use the drop-down menu for options to connect search terms:  and, or, near.
  • Use “?” on the end of your term to account for plurals, and “*” to account for variant word endings.
  • Use quotes to search phrases. Ex.:  “African American music” AND “New Orleans”


Web Sites

Ask yourself these questions when using the web at large:  Author?  Credentials?  What institution/organization is behind the site?  When last updated?  Intended audiece?  Bias?

Religious Studies Web Guide

Virtual Religion Index

Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources

Ethnomusicology - World Music

Robert Harrison's Entitled Opinions on...

Estatic Faith of Rumi



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